At Sunday’s press conference, VMRO-DPMNE’s leader Hristijan Mickoski announced a new scandal involving Zoran Zaev’s government. Mickoski confirmed the reports that a new affair is under way in relation to abuse of European funds while the “Racket” affair is still active.

We have information about abuses, among other things, of European funds, but at the same time we have information about other types of abuses by senior SDSM officials not only in the government, but also in institutions outside the government. The people who testify, who provide that information are being checked, of course we are responsibly forwarding them to the competent institutions, in this case the state Public Prosecutor’s Office. But if we see that there will be no reaction from the state Public Prosecutor’s Office for a long time, then as a responsible political party, taking into account the public interest, we will share all this information with the public, said Mickoski.