DUI and SDS are only interested in their personal gains in the energy sector, in previously agreed tenders for the power stations in Oslomej, Negotino, the acquisition of extremely expensive coal, and they are also interested in how to grab the state owned land  for construction of photovoltaics, as it was with the PM Kovacevski’s wife”, VMRO-DPMNE reacts.

Until two months ago, before the rains started, the Macedonian hydropotential was on a historically low level, the lakes and rivers dried. The expensive electricity initiated the inflation, and there are few products that didn’t raise their price several times. Expensive life for the people, copious tenders for the Government. With VMRO-DPMNE in power, Macedonia will turn into net exporter of electricity, and supply the entire region. Macedonia possesses the potential, the people necessary to achieve this”, reads the VMRO-DPMNE reaction.