The Expres news site reports that the announced donation of 8,000 Pfizer vaccines from Serbia to Macedonia was negotiated by Ivan Stoiljkovic, leader of the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia, and not by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev. Zaev, who still hasn’t secured a single dose of the vaccine through other means, today revealed that Serbia has agreed to give Macedonia 8,000 of its Pfizer vaccines, for a market price.

Reached by Expres, Stoiljkovic would not confirm the report. He did express his gratitude to Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic for sharing some the vaccines secured by Serbia with Macedonia.

Zaev initially announced that Bulgaria, Greece and other EU member sates will give or sell Macedonia some of their vaccines, but quickly withdrew this announcement. All of Macedonia’s neighbors save for Kosovo are already vaccinating some of their critical staff.