Seven years after the murder of 18 year old Angel Petkovski, the family had to face off the killer, Naser Eshtrefi (20 at the time) for reconstruction of the murder. The case which heightened ethnic tensions in Skopje’ Gjorce district, since Angel was Macedonian and Naser – an Albanian, is put on retrial. Eshtrefi was initially sentenced to 14 years in prison in the first instance and the Appeals Court upheld the sentence, but the Supreme Court ordered a retrial.

Naser Eshtrefi stole Angel Petkovski’s bike and Angel gave chase after the thief. Once he caught up with him, on the bank of the river Vardar, Eshtrefi pulled a knife and stabbed the boy to death. Saso Petkovski, Angel’s father, said that attending the reconstruction of the murder was a very painful thing to do. The family still participated, as it needed to put an end to the lengthy trial.