Following a rare success for an small, primarily ethnic Macedonian party to enter Parliament on its own, the head of the Levica group Dimitar Apasiev predicted that in the next elections they will have a double digit number of representatives.

Levica, a far left protest group which opposes the imposed name change, won two seats. It campaigned on the right of VMRO on the national issue, while promising revolutionary justice to capitalists. Levica was part of the SDSM led 2015 Colored Revolution but their activists broke ranks with the social-democratic party over its concessions on Macedonian national identity issues.

We broke their system and entered the legislative on our own. In the next (early) elections we will have a double digit number of seats, Apasiev said. The election outcome is an evenly divided Parliament with no major party having a clear shot at forming a Government, which prompted many to predict that it won’t last long.

Apasiev, who is known for his fiery rhetoric, also posted a message yesterday evening warning unspecified people who may try to “suck up to” Levica that “we are still going to put you against the wall”, followed by a heart emoji.