Former Finance Minister Xhevdet Hajredini called out the Zaev regime of violating the rule of law after several highly publicized traffic accidents with fatal consequences in which the perpetrators received token sentences.

After Maricic (Zaev’s Justice Minister) “cleaned up” the judiciary, judges give sentences that are below the minimum provided by the law, Hajredini said.

Both major cases happened this summer – in one of them a motorist speeding on the St. Naum – Ohrid road crashed into a car with youngsters, killing two of them and badly injuring other three. The Ohrid court gave him a mere suspended sentence.

In the other case, a mobster personally linked to Zoran Zaev – Zoran Mileski, also known as Zoki Kiceec – killed a young father of two while speeding on the mountainous Kicevo – Gostivar road. Kiceec was supposed to be in prison, serving out a sentence of three years for his role in the major Racket scandal, but apparently due to his links to Zaev, he was allowed to come and go to the prison at will and eventually received a medical reprieve. The Gostivar court gave Kiceec a sentence of just six months, on top of the three years for Racket. This incident is also ethnically charged, as the victim was an ethnic Albanian. The opposition AA party yesterday protested the sentence and demanded real accountability for Kiceec.

Zaev also shielded his Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce as the public demanded his resignation after the Tetovo corona hospital disaster on September 8th, when 14 patients and their family members were burnt alive in a fire. Most of the victims there were ethnic Albanians and this became a major element of the on-going political crisis.