Father Ivica Todorov called on the voters who boycotted the September 2018 referendum and the first round of the presidential elections to reconsider and to support Gordana Siljanovska in the second round. A loss for Siljanovska, Father Ivica warns, would only guarantee that the loss of the name is irreversible.

This would solidify the treason of the foundational Macedonian national interests. A win for Pendarovski would turn the treason into a triumph and in a short while, “North Macedonia” will become reality for 99 percent of the amoeba like Macedonian people. Resistance to the treason will be swept to the side and likely end altogether, Ivica writes.

According to the popular cleric, boycott from the Macedonian side is equal to a vote for Stevo Pendarovski, and would likely fail in bringing the turnout below the required 40 percent, which is the stated goal of the boycott supporters.

SDSM and DUI supporters will vote for Pendarovski. VMRO-DPMNE helped the referendum boycott, an organized pro-boycott structure was in place. Nothing like that exists now. A vote for Gordana turns our resistance to the Prespa treaty into institutional and legally legitimate resistance, father Ivica adds.