The Vice President of the Doctor’s Chamber, Ilber Besimi, signed the document which states that there was no wrongdoing in the case of the mother from Debar, Jildiz Veaposka. The second man of the Chamber, Ilber Besimi is cousin of the Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi.

All this is commented as political influence and protection of the main culprit in the case, the former director of the Struga Hospital, Muhamed Asani. The Minister of Health Venko Filipce thinks that the Asani case is closed with Asani’s dismissal from the director position.

But the case does not end here. First, the operation of Asani’s private practice should be examined, second, the work license should be reviewed, ie the same should be revoked for the case. Additionally, the Doctor’s Chamber should bear the responsibility of the President Kalina Grivceva Stardelova, as well as her Deputy Ilber Besimi, writes “Kurir”.