Stevo Pendarovski has already set the grounds for his cabinet’s staff. The general secretary of the presidential service is the current government spokesperson Mile Bosnjakovski, and cabinet sources revealed for Sitel TV several other new names that will serve the president.

As the TV station reported, Aleksandar Spasov, a law professor, will be an external associate for expert, scientific opinions and advice. He was an external adviser to the Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, but he will work with Pendarovski for compensation. One of Pendarovski’s advisers will be the director of the Progres Institute – Tose Zafirov.

Zafirov will advise President Pendarovski on domestic politics. The president’s public relations will be run by former journalist Katerina Canevska.

The first founding meeting of the National Security Council is expected to be held soon with the new names that will be proposed by the president of the country.

Stevo Pendarovski personally runs the talks with those who would be part of his office. The General Secretary from the time of Gjorge Ivanov – Boris Josifovski got a new position – state adviser in the office of the former president. Next week, Pendarovski will request extraordinary financial control from the State Audit Office, and will also call for an extraordinary inspection by the Administrative Inspectorate for documents, archives and procedures from the time of Ivanov.