After the doctor who contracted the coronavirus was taken for treatment, two more members of her family have been isolated, Venko Filipce informed.

Regarding the new coronavirus patient, I would like to point out that fake information creates panic among the population. Please gather information from relevant sources. The doctor and two other members of her family are in self-isolation. 64 employees and 11 patients will be in a 14 day isolation, where treatment can be continued at home, although all have varying degrees of risk, and we believe the measure should be taken, Filipce said.

He emphasized that 64 employees at the Dermatology Clinic were interviewed, 11 patients who were hospitalized and 13 patients treated in the day hospital were placed in 14 day isolation, although all with varying degrees of risk.

The doctor with coronavirus  also attended a seminar and everyone she contacted with has been contacted by telephone and placed in home isolation. At the seminar there were also three guests from Greece for whom the Greek Ministry of Health has been informed.

Even though we have been alarming and taken precautions, what we faced today is really a disappointment, it is now a pre-election period, there cannot be dismissals, but she will be dismissed. The entire clinic will be closed for 14 days, but everyone who does not comply with the prescribed measures will be held accountable, said Filipce.

He urged all citizens who traveled to coronavirus hot spots should quarantine themselves.

At the moment, 8 more patients are being tested. We are waiting the test results of a Bulgarian patient and his wife, a Singapore traveler, our national, 4 people who were in contact with the patients from Debar, and one from Gevgelija, said Filipce.