Healthcare Minister Venko Filipce denied media reports that the SDSM led Government is preparing for speedy elections, even before the epidemic has been fought back. The push by SDSM to recall the dissolved Parliament has sparked speculations that the ruling party has decided to set a new date for the elections unilaterally, and push it forward, before the full extent of the mishandling of the crisis and the economic blow have been felt.

We are flattening the epidemiological curve. We are still at a stage when all our medical capacities are prepared to handle the possible darkest scenarios. The situation remains the same. We have excellent results but it is far too early to talk about loosening the measures and holding an event such as elections. We can’t predict anything in that direction yet. We are focused on what measures we need to take in summer and autumn, that is what we are working on, Filipce said.

Macedonia is without a Parliament and the elections set for April 12 were called off. SDSM rejected a proposal from the opposition VMRO-DPMNE party to have a meeting of the main party leaders to discuss the political crisis that has developed.