Since the onset of the coronavirus crisis, I have repeated one thing at every public appearance – we will defeat the virus with a lot of discipline and unconditional observance of measures. Those who do not believe in this should look at the situation in the Municipality of Debar. Debar was the first municipality to be quarantined, and today it is a municipality that has not had a single new case for weeks. This is the merit of the citizens and their disciplined behavior, Minister of Health Venko Filipce wrote on Facebook.

We, Filipce said, cannot live in quarantine forever, because it is harmful to the mental health of the citizens, to the economy, to the whole society.

We have two choices, either we will continue to bring life back to normal by unconditionally observing the measures, or we will go back to severe restrictions. The choice is ours. Unfortunately, there is no other way out of this situation. I strongly believe that we will choose to normalize life by protecting our personal health, collective health and the health system. That is why I appeal once again to refrain from grouping and to maintain distance, to be careful and to wear protective equipment and to take care of personal hygiene, wrote Minister Filipce.