The Commission for Infectious Diseases believes there is an enormous risk on the health of pupils, parents and staff if schools fully open in September, says Health Minister Venko FIlipce.

Filipce told Sitel TV there are many examples across the globe where schools closed soon after opening due to the increase of infections.

This scenario is also possible here if schools open with full capacity. We are aware this is a big challenge and there is no ideal solution. We are closely following the public debate in which everyone has arguments, but the Ministry of Health gives top priority to the protection of people’s health, says Filipce.

He adds that protocols are in place but if not observed, schools can be a potential source of the infection.

In reference to the entire education process and the school operations, Filipce mentions the common areas and toilets, as well as breaks between classes as risks for the virus transmission.

We have a truly difficult decision to make. There is no ideal solution. The public health must be protected while ensuring a functional education process that is important for the child’s development, notes Filipce.

On kindergartens, Filipce says there is still no decision on their opening. Protocols are drafted and a decision will be made based on analyses.

The health minister says there is still no sufficient data regarding the Russian COVID-19 vaccine and thus too early to say anything about it.