The Ministry of Health, through the State Sanitary and Health Inspectorate, carried out Thursday inspection and control at the Acibadem Sistina hospital in order to determine whether the tests performed by this hospital are in accordance with legal regulations and standards, and whether they accredited and verified by the Public Health Institute, claim “Republika” sources.

No irregularities were identified, ie the tests are performed according to all protocols and are accurate and precise. It is about rapid tests, which imply that a person who is positive had contact with Covid-19. They may or may not show symptoms, or just be virus carriers. Other labs require 4-5 days to confirm the results obtained at Acibadem Sistina.

During the inspection at Acibadem Sistina, as well as other health institutions that perform test, they were told that the data and results of the tests should not be made public, but should be forwarded to the Public Health Institute.

In this way the Ministry of Health is pressuring private institutions that are performing coronavirus tests, wanting to put them in the background, possibly fearing their competition, but also concealing their own inability to deal with the current pandemic. Obviously, in such crisis conditions, private health facilities are dealing the situation better, faster and more accurately than public health.