Health Minister Venko Filipce said Friday there is currently no indication over the enforcement of movement restrictions. The COVID-19 transmission factor has been below 1 in recent days and if this is maintained the number of patients will drop.

Minister Filipce told a press conference that despite the more intensive second wave of the virus, the situation is properly managed and the health system has the capacity to receive all patients – enough beds and staff – while adding that the autumn wave will be a challenge.

One of the main criteria for assessment of the measures is the capacity of the health system, number of available hospital beds and staff, which is currently well managed. The number of beds, doctors and nurses is sufficient. There is no other principle based on which measures would be enforced, except for those based on our policies and recommendations, noted Filipce.

He warned that the autumn is coming when people will be increasingly indoors and schools will reopen.

This is a serious risk factor and can be a big challenge for the health system, much bigger than the first and second waves. We must be aware that we are all together in this process. The health system is now more prepared compared to when the crisis began, but the objective is to prevent the challenging autumn wave, not to fill all beds. Wearing masks, distancing and operation of all economic entities according to the protocols is key. We are still drafting plans for the health capacities, some are currently used and others are being prepared, said Filipce.

He said epidemiologists and inspectors are still faced with the problem related to the handover of isolation decisions and the false data given by positive cases.

Hotels that have been used for state quarantine will not serve this purpose from now on, while patients will leave for home treatment.