The situation is under control. Compared to Europe it seems like a small number, though we should not be fooled. There will probably be an increase in the number of cases, Minister Venko Filipce said on the “Utrinski brifing” show on “Slobodna TV, adding that they are prepared for any possible scenario.

We expect every possible scenario. In Debar and its surroundings it is possible. We have a virus that has no rules, it is still unknown. It turns out that it is transmitted not only by air, but also by dirty hands, staying on surfaces, even on asphalt, for many days. In Italy, they also found it on footwear. Safe distance is considered to be one and a half meters to two. That’s why the recommendations have been issued, says Filipce.

The minister noted that he has been following the recommendations throughout the past period, especially as he belongs to a high risk group in order not to be part of the coronavirus transmission chain. In terms of patients in Macedonia, statistics show that out of 18 patients, 10 are people aged 55 years.

Young people are transmitters. The most critical group are the elderly, especially those with chronic illnesses, the highest mortality rate is among them. This was shown by China and Italy. But no one is spared, now we have a boy of 15 years. In that sense we have provided the facilities, especially for children and adults. About 30 percent of the total number of older people are on a breathing machine, but a large proportion of the spread comes from young people, Filipce said.

The British government is demanding 5,000 machines at their disposal, so manufacturers’ reactions are not optimistic. What is your prediction. What is the situation here in the country?

Yesterday after the meeting we decided that all facilities must be available to the state. The total number of machines is over 11/115 in all public health facilities in the state. Over 85 are in Skopje. In the private ones we can count on nearly 80. This week the procedure is now over, 50 more are to come, there is a chance to provide another 50 from Sunday to about in 10 days. In collaboration with the Chinese ambassador, he offered their help in terms of their experts exchanging experience with our epidemiologists, we could get 200 more machines from China. It’s not just about machines, we have to train people, because not everyone knows how to operate them, the minister said.