The vaccination process is going well. The second dose of the Sputnik V vaccine is currently administered and 20,000 doses of the Russian jab for this purpose arrived yesterday morning, said Health Minister Venko Filipce on Monday.

He pointed out that today 10,000 “Pfizer” vaccines are set to arrive today through a direct agreement with the manufacturer and stressed that they have received the schedule according to which between 4,000 to 7,000 vaccines will every Monday, or a total of 26,000.

A certain amount should also arrive through the EU solidarity system through Austria. It all goes into our schedule of how vaccines will be distributed, Filipce said adding that all vaccines will be distributed in several vaccination centers across the country.

He stressed that the equipping of the vaccination centers in Ohrid and Stip has already been completed, today it will be completed in Bitola, and the other three across the country will be completed by the end of the week so that they are able to accommodate the vaccines that should arrive from China, a total of 200,000 doses.