The Anti-Corruption Commission is investigating the head of the Macedonian Film Agency Gorjan Tozija for abuse of office. Tozija refused to resign after creating an international incident with Croatia and Slovenia, when he rudely insulted both countries and their leaders.

He now faced a criminal charge from the producers of the “Liberation of Skopje” film he worked on, after he illegally sold the rights to the movie in the Netherlands and Italy. The movie was supported by the Film Agency with 1,25 million EUR, which means that the unauthorized sale damaged the public budget. reported that the focus of the investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission (DKSK) is the order by Tozija that the Film Agency urgently pays off all its pending costs toward producers, even though many of them didn’t have the necessary bank guarantees that prove their projects will go ahead. According to law, producers who receive funding from the Agency need to deposit at least 25 percent of the project cost as a guarantee.