Justice must not be blind to this case. One day in prison is equal to a year when you are unjustly sentenced. Macedonia must not forget her sons, said VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristijan Mickoski in his final appeal to the public to join the protests planned for tomorrow in downtown Skopje. The protest is held to demand the release of the 16 protesters and police officials imprisoned in the April 27th trial, and other political prisoners of the Zaev regime.

We must come out for our brothers, who protected our Constitution, united like never before. Freedom for the protectors of the Constitution, freedom for Macedonia, asked diaspora activist Ana Dukoska.

The case was fatally tainted when the Zaev regime used it to blackmail members of Parliament who were also charged for the 2017 incident in the Parliament but whose votes were needed to rename Macedonia. The three members of Parliament charged in the case were given amnesty, while mere protesters remain sentenced to lengthy prison terms.