Outgoing Finance Minister Nina Angelovska, under fire after withdrawing her 250,000 EUR deposit in the Eurostandard Bank before it collapsed, has approved aid payments to an e-commerce company she owns.

VMRO-DPMNE revealed today that the WebSpot company set up by Angelovska received subsidies on three occassions – in May, June and July.

While companies are going under due to the selective distribution of financial stimulus aid, the Finance Minister approved three payments to one of her own companies. This raises serious suspicions that Angelovska was using her position to divert money into her own pockets, said VMRO-DPMNE spokesman Naum Stoilkovski.

Angelovska is not being nominated in the next Government. The payments amounted to a total of 10,000 EUR Stoilkovski said and called for an investigation by the Anti-Corruption Commission. The Commission already found that Angelovska violated the ethical norms with the withdrawal she made from the Eurostandard Bank, but that she did not violate the criminal code.