This morning, the Financial Police inspected the municipality of Tetovo, ie the sector of legal and financial issues. Tetovo mayor, Bilal Kasami, said that it was about inspecting cases from 8 years ago. According to Kasami, today’s inspection of the Financial Police is a political pressure on him to hinder his regular work.

Today I had an uninvited visit from the Financial Police in relation to cases from 8 years ago. They did not see it necessary to check the work of the mayor in two terms, but they came after preliminary cases. I consider it a political pressure to hinder my work as mayor. They came to the legal and financial sectors. Today they came, today was the first meeting, they came with alleged preliminary cases from the mayor Sadi Bexheti, says Bilal Kasami, mayor of Tetovo.

The Financial Police did not specify the period in question, but said that the action is in accordance with the request of the Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime and Corruption.