Following the brutal black campaign that SDSM is running against Danela Arsovska, in a desperate attempt not to lose Skopje, support for Arsovska is coming from everywhere. Open support also came from Doris Pack, who sent a video message: A woman mayor is needed !

Skopje has finally deserved a woman mayor, a professional and a proven manager, who will be of service of all citizens, Danela Arsovska. A young, strong and dedicated woman professional  like Danela can and will make changes for a better and a more modern Skopje. I see Danela Arsovska as a strong and committed future mayor of Skopje, who will be capable to implement the necessary reforms to provide a strong and functional city, better infrastructure and more local opportunities and services for all citizens. This will return citizens’ trust in institutions, the system, and politics. As President of the EPP Women, I congratulate our sister party VMRO for supporting the candidacy of Danela Arsovska for Mayor of Skopje. I wish her great success and a great win on October 31, said Pack, vice president of the EPP Women.