It’s been nine months since 17 law professors submitted a challenge to the Constitutional Court, over the law that makes Macedonia a fully bilingual – Macedonian – Albanian country. The law is clearly unconstitutional, says professor Tanja Karakamiseva who initiated the procedure, but apparently because of political expedience, the Constitutional Court will not touch the case.

There is still no word from the court. This is the most inefficient, least successful court we’ve had so far. If politicians give them the green light, they act. If not, they stay silent, Karakamiseva said.

The law was roundly criticized by the Venice Commission, but the Zaev Government, dependent on ethnic Albanian votes in the Parliament, has refused to make the changes proposed by the Commission. In violation of the Constitution, it instructs the entire public service to use the Albanian language as an official language, even in areas with few to no Albanians, and provides penalties for institutions and even public sector employees who don’t use Albanian.