For now, there is no such thing, if there is, we will inform, the new government spokesman, Dusko Arsovski said at Wednesday’s press conference, answering a journalist question whether the government is considering sending a protest note to Bulgaria for the last statement of the Minister of Defense Krasimir Karakachanov that he might send a regiment to the country to remove all the monuments that read “Bulgarian fascist occupier”.

Arsovski assessed the statements as unworthy and inappropriate, commenting that representatives of two NATO member states cannot communicate with each other in this way.

We believe in solutions and we are convinced that a neighboring country that was the first to recognize independence and was a promoter on the path of NATO and EU integration will not think of challenging the right to identity self-determination of the friendly Macedonian people. We can only express optimism that this is not the position of the majority of citizens and the academic community in Bulgaria, Arsovski said.