Foreign leaders are shocked when they hear about the bribery, the crime and corruption of the Zaev regime, said VMRO-DPMNE President Hristijan Mickoski, who is just back from a tour of the region, during which he met with the Prime Ministers of Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

SDSM and Zoran Zaev rule with money, lots of money, lost of bribery, pressure, capturing the judiciary. That is how they operate, there is no creativity, strategy or vision there. And in diplomacy, they run a primitive diplomatic level. The people who sit down with him know what he is up to, how he runs the country and don’t want to associate with him beyond achieving their own geo-strategic interest. The reports that are spread about him are not pleasant. Especially about the Racket scandal, his ties to crime, corruption, violations of the rule of law. Don’t think that people outside don’t see this, Mickoski said during a interview today.

He discussed the meetings with the conservative leaders in the region and announced more such trips to come in the near future, adding that the outcome will be favorable to the Macedonian citizens.

We present our views on the activities of the Government, on the violations of the rule of law, the lack of reforms, the brutal partisanship in the judiciary, the poor economy and the inability to handle the coronavirus crisis. We also expand our circle of friends in our sister parties and hope that they will help us in bringing in economic investments in the future, Mickoski added.

He announced a policy of zero tolerance toward crime and corruption once VMRO-DPMNE is back in office. “I will not pardon criminals. I will not make such promises. That is why Zoran Zaev is attacking us from both the left and the right. He knows he can’t make a deal with us”.