Depositors in the now bankrupt Eurostandard Bank allege that former Finance Minister Nina Angelovska, who famously withdrew her own deposit worth 250,000 EUR, left 40,000 EUR in deposits from the Finance Ministry. Since these funds surpass the 30,000 EUR which are protected under a loan insurance guarantee, some of it may be lost.

It is widely presumed that Angelovska, due to her post, had inside information that the bank is troubled and withdrew her own funds just months before its collapse. Bank owner Trifun Kostovski blames the ruling SDSM party of engineering the collapse of the bank, after its manager secretly approved loans to shell companies linked to SDSM.

Minister Angelovska left the deposits of the Finance Ministry in the bank. There is high probability they will not be recouped. This irresponsible act shows that Angelovska only cared for her own interest. The Anti-Corruption Commission determined that Angelovska knew that the bank is facing bankruptcy and abused her position when she withdrew the funds, the association of depositors in the Eurostandard Bank said in a statement.