Former prominent members of SDSM express their support for the protest against the French proposal that will be held tonight at 19h in front of the government building.

The member of the Anti-Discrimination Commission and former MP of the SDSM, Vesna Bendevska, said on social networks that she will go to the protest to express a protest against, as she points out, the theft that violates her personal civil right to self-awareness of national belonging, uniqueness , her mother tongue and the history of her people, of which she is proud.

Consciously. For the sake of yourself and your conscience, without calculating the consequences. My futures are more important to me than anything and I will fight for them, until the end. I am absolutely not touched by the manipulative calls of any political party or entity. This is my personal need, my personal struggle. To be me. To be clear in front of myself that I made an attempt and was not silent. Regardless of the outcome. And no one has the right to dispute my right, said Bendevska.