Petar Georgievski will run for Mayor of Skopje as an independent candidate supported by the populist Levica party. Known under the nickname Kamikaze, Georgievski was bass player for Memorija, a rock group popular in the 1980ies and the 1990ies.

Polls show that in all areas with majority Macedonian population, I have twice the support of (SDSM candidate and incumbent Mayor) Petre Silegov. In the non-Macedonian areas the support is 93 percent in favor of Petre Silegov, which is not surprising. If the campaign I run connects with the unaffiliated voters, I will be on the verge of victory, Georgievski said.

SDSM is running with Silegov again, while VMRO-DPMNE still hasn’t determined whether to support his predecessor Koce Trajanovski, businesswoman Daniela Arsovska or some other candidate.