SDSM party official Sofija Kunovska painted a dire picture of the party on its 30th anniversary which is celebrated today. Kunovska has been sidelined from the party as Zoran Zaev took control over it.

The true social-democrats who still believe in the ideological principles of this party, which founded the country and who worked for a modern, prosperous state with a vibrant civil society, still fondly remember a different type of struggle that was based on ideals and values. They remember the time when wisdom, national pride and dignity in running the country led to a different level of reputation Macedonia enjoyed at the international stage. Unfortunately, SDSM now, although a party in power, lives through the most inglorious days of its existence. There is tremendous disappointment in the citizens but also in the ranks of the party. It is ideologically defaced, privatized and has no relationship with its past and the great leaders who laid the foundations of both the party and the state, Kunovska said.

In her comments she accused the party of pressuring its officials against even meeting with former officials who are now critical of the party – let alone listening to some external advice. “There is no hope of celebrating the date together. There is no comradeship and solidarity”, Kunovska added. The party factions are unable even to decide whether to celebrate the anniversary on April 20 or 21st, or to include the much earlier creation of the Communist Party of Macedonia as its original founding.

The party split early this year when Zaev gave his infamous BGNES interview, accepting all main demands from Bulgaria. Former party leader Branko Crvenkovski and a dozen former top officials condemned Zaev and called for his removal from office. Zaev still hasn’t delivered on the promises he made to Bulgaria, and appears able to maintain the unity of the party group in Parliament, but faces growing critical reporting from media outlets associated with rival factions in the party – including on the corruption scandal that led to the removal of his top adviser Dragi Raskovski.