The Macedonian Parliament accepted the resignation of former Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski today. Gruevski resigned as member of Parliament after a procedure was initiated to strip him of his mandate due to his absence for more than six months. Over this period he’s been in Hungary,where he received political asylum after the campaign of persecution aimed at him and his main associates. Georgi Kamcev will enter Parliament in Gruevski’s place.

The Parliament also accepted the resignation of SDSM member Pavle Bogoevski. The former leader of the Colored Revolution was secretly recorded ordering drugs – likely cocaine – from his dealer. He claimed that he was purchasing cannabis oil for a sick family member but was ultimately pushed to resign. While in Parliament, Bogoevski was the chief enforcer of SDSM, heading the committee which stripped immunity from half a dozen opposition members of Parliament to facilitate the campaign of pressure and persecution. His vacated seat will be filled by Aleksandar Filipovski.