Four new members of Parliament were added to the legislative body. Mirce Adzioski from VMRO-DPMNE takes the place of Igor Durlovski, the opera singer and political dissident who led the VMRO list in the south-western district, who resigned last week.

The ruling coalition of SDSM and DUI had three members of Parliament resign, to take positions in the executive. They are replaced with Rina Ajdari from DUI (6th district) and Miroslav Jovanovic and Lidija Tasevska (SDSM – 2nd district).

The DUI representative replaces Bajram Rexhepi, who is appointed to the top position in the developing gas transportation company MER. The two SDSM members of Parliament are replacing Muhamed Zekiri and Sanja Lukarevska. Zekiri is being named co-manager of the FZOM public healthcare fund, while Lukarevska is going to re-assume her position as head of the UJP tax authority.