The municipal crisis team in Veles states that the epidemiological situation in the city is serious and extremely critical, although the situation is gradually calming down if comparisons are made with the situation from ten days ago.

The Mayor of Veles, Ace Kocevski, informed that a total of 76 patients were hospitalized in the Veles Hospital, 63 of which 63 in the infectious diseases ward. 56 of them tested positive, three negative and four unconfirmed. 32 patients are receive oxygen treatment and four patients died. All four were positive for the virus.

In the Veles hospital, 30 employees are positive for the virus, and 12 are in isolation.

At the moment, the biggest problem for the hospital is providing oxygen, but for now the management is successfully dealing with it. The crisis headquarters will provide technical assistance for the handling of oxygen cylinders, informed Kocevski.