A man from Veles who has not gotten a Covid vaccine is the fourth patient to be infected with the delta strain of coronavirus in Macedonia. Four more patients are being examined and their results are awaited, which should confirm whether they are infected with the delta strain of the virus or not, Health Minister Venko Filipce informed on Tuesday.

Filipce did not reveal the age of the patients and said that they were waiting for the epidemiological surveys.

Neither the man from Veles nor the four patients for whom the results are awaited have been vaccinated. For the time being, the patient in Veles has mild symptoms, and epidemiological surveys are awaited for the other patients. Only one of these people has a more severe symptoms, Filipce said.

Of the previous cases in the country, two are Macedonian nationals who returned from Iraq and one was a foreign national who was immediately quarantined. Filipce said that they are closely monitoring the situation and will discuss it at the Commission for Infectious Diseases, where they will also discuss border measures.