We all in the region have crossed histories, interests and future and our position is that we should cooperate in the process of European integration and solve open issues in parallel, without one conditioning the other, said Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani in an interview with Belgrade-based “Politika”, conducted ahead of his working visit to Serbia today.

Speaking about the relations with Sofia and the Bulgarian blockade of the country’s European path, Osmani said that the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between Macedonia and Bulgaria introduced new dynamics in relations, intensified political dialogue, increased trade and expanded cooperation in many areas such as culture, education, European integration, defense, local government, home affairs.

In addition, we have set up a joint expert commission on historical issues, which should consider controversial issues of history on a parity basis and draw conclusions based on the facts. But what is most important is that the agreement separates historical issues from politics, and politics from history. Namely, the agreement envisages experts from history to solve historical issues, but also that in parallel we will continue to strengthen political and economic cooperation, adds Osmani.

He stresses that although the country’s relations with Bulgaria are currently burdened “with differences that have a historical context”, he still believes they can be overcome.

Implementing responsible policy and taking mature steps for the future of the country is not easy, and often not even popular. But we believe that our citizens recognize our efforts and honest intentions and that future generations will be grateful to us, said Osmani.

Regarding the efforts of some circles in Pristina to unite Albania and Kosovo, Osmani stressed that the issue of redrawing the borders in the Balkans and Europe has been overcome, and EU membership neutralizes the need to change the borders and create “greater states”.

The region should finally become a generator of security and development. These should be our main arguments in the race in the world of globalization, in which there is no time to wait, said the Macedonian Foreign Minister, adding that the country supports the dialogue between Belgrade and Pristina and accepts any solution that emerges from the negotiations. which will not have detrimental consequences for the region in terms of security.

In the interview, Osmani also talks about the Covid-19 pandemic situation, emphasizing that the donation of vaccines from Serbia to Macedonia is a way to strengthen the friendship between the two countries and an excellent example of relations in the region.