Petar Georgievski – Kamikaze, the Levica party candidate for Mayor of Skopje, accused the incumbent Mayor Petre Silegov (SDSM) of grossly overpaying for the New Year celebrations in 2020. Georgievski is in the public events business and said that Silegov overpaid a million EUR for the celebration.

Key person here is Zdravko Kociski from DVD Pet, who won all 41 public contracts with the city, and all other companies got 0. This company keeps winning contracts with the Youth Cultural Center, the Universal Hall, the Macedonian Opera and Ballet.. Many things will be cleared up after the elections, Georgievski said.

Georgievski won respectable 20,000 votes in the first round of the mayoral election and since called on his supporters to help vote out Mayor Silegov. This support could prove crucial in the all-out race for Mayor of Skopje between Silegov and Danela Arsovska, on which even Prime Minister Zoran Zaev staked his Government.