The former Prime Minister and President of VMRO-NP, Ljubco Georgievski in an interview with Bulgarian BGNES evoked memories of his youth, when he was a soldier.

I was a soldier in Stip. We were convinced all the time that we must fight against Bulgaria, that it could attack us at any moment. We were not told to beware of Greeks, Albanians, Americans or Russians. Only from Bulgaria. We were told how to behave, how to button our shirts, warning us that there were Bulgarian agents just waiting to record drunken Yugoslav soldiers as part of this propaganda, which was available even in schools, Georgievski said.

According to him, the problem lies in historical perceptions.

And now, when Zaev said a few things to BGNES about this common history, most of the Macedonian society is shocked. It is shocked because we are in a kind of state of war, in which a group of politicians, including me, Zaev, Pendarovski, Vlado Buckovski, former Foreign Minister Denko Malevski, are part of the politicians who are more progressive and insist historians to talk and explore. However, historians are firmly holding on the former Yugoslav schemes and do not let go of them. And this is the reality, adds Georgievski.