Journalist Branko Geroski said Monday on the “Samo vistina” show that the idea of an Albanian Prime Minister brought votes to DUI in the elections and that it is now one of the demands for a coalition with SDSM.

Geroski believes that in connection with that topic we should face the reality.

I would not like to be the one to defend DUI, but let’s face the real facts. In democracies, it is the rule for the winning party to get the mandate, but it is not the first time that the rule has been violated. Zaev became prime minister without winning the elections. An Albanian prime minister would be a unique situation. It is not uncommon to have a prime minister from a party that did not win an election, it is decided by political agreement. The second thing is that it is difficult to say that DUI is a party that destabilized Macedonia, history has shown the opposite. Then, we say DUI is guilty of lack of reforms, of crime and corruption. They are now in a relatively comfortable position to impose their demand, and if that is a nationalist narrative, then why win the election? This is an important topic for Albanians. The question is why there would not be an Albanian prime minister? They came up with a specific character, who is not a party staffer, said Geroski.