According to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia, Macedonian diplomacy is structured by the central point of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the diplomatic-consular missions as a traditional or classical democracy that rests on the principles of meritocracy, fairness and diplomatic career diplomats. But on the other hand, to include in diplomacy people who, with their scientific, intellectual and cultural work, have proven themselves in Macedonian society and can increase the favorite milieu of Macedonian diplomacy, said former Ambassador to Bulgaria Marjan Gjorcev at today’s panel discussion on the topic ” The alarming situation in Macedonian diplomacy”.

He pointed out that the main reasons are that there is no system in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It is due to the fact that each separate political entity in the Macedonian state treats the diplomatic profession not as permanent diplomacy but as ad-hoc diplomacy, that is, on a case-by-case basis.

A reflection of the attitude of this political group is that the Macedonian nation ends with the borders of the Macedonian state. It is something that is unacceptable in the context of what constitutes Balkan geography and the development of the peoples of the Balkan peninsula, which has always been multi-ethnic. It is impossible that all other nations from the neighborhood have nations in Macedonia, and only we as the Republic of Macedonia do not have the right to speak about our minorities in Greece and Bulgaria, said Gjorcev.

Gjorcev is determined that as a state we are obliged to defend the human rights of the Macedonians in the Pirin area in Bulgaria.

We as a country have shown a huge weakness and one of the reasons for such offensive rhetoric of the Bulgarian state is that it is an experienced diplomacy and they understood that they are dealing with an unorganized diplomacy that does not even care about what is happening with the Macedonians in Bulgaria and since every year their number decreases, said Gjorcev.