The adjective Macedonian was and will be part of the minutes from the meetings of the Joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission of historians, Dragi Gjorgiev, the chair of the Macedonian team in the Commission, told TV Kanal 5.

He says that at yesterday’s meeting progress was made in terms of technical level.

Both sides maintain their positions regarding the use of the adjective. Both sides agreed on a technical way to overcome the obstacle regarding the signing of the minutes of the previous meetings. The adjective Macedonian was in use and is now in use, but they insist in some cases to apply what was agreed in the Prespa Agreement. In a technical way, both their and our discussions will be fully conveyed in the minutes. We sign those minutes in accordance with the agreement, in Macedonian language according to the Constitution of the RNM and in Bulgarian according to the Constitution of Bulgaria. They insist that we do not use Macedonian commission, but to use commission of RNM in accordance with the Prespa Agreement, Gjorgiev said.

Today there were reports that instead of the adjective “Macedonian”, the constitutional name “Republic of North Macedonia”, will be used in the minutes of the Joint Macedonian-Bulgarian Commission.

This was later denied by the Commission.