The Union for Education, Science and Culture (SONK) and the Government have reached an agreement over a 12-percent wage raise for employees in schools and kindergartens.

SONK is expected to announce a possible end to the strike by Tuesday evening after consulting with the union members, with pupils going back to school on Wednesday.

After more than 3 hours, I would say difficult negotiations with the Minister of Education and Science, the Minister of Labor and Social Policy, and of course the Prime Minister on behalf of the Government, and there was the reinforcement with our representative from the European Confederation of free trade unions, we made serious analyses of our requests that were submitted to the competent ministries on the one hand and on the other hand the arguments of the Government and the ministries regarding our demands. We agreed with the views where within the possibilities of the state and within what can be set aside at this moment for the increase of wages in the activities of child protection in primary and secondary education, we came to a common percentage of wage increase that would start in July at the latest  with the completion of the budget review and processing of funds in the treasury, said Nedelkov.

The president of SONK announced that teachers’ wage increase will be by 12%.