What is patriotism for all of us is extremism and radicalism for this treacherous government. The hybrid regime led by the SDSM is destroying the state with all its might, attacking the professionals, trying to demotivate the patriots and makes institutions partisan. After more than 25 years spent in the service of the motherland and the citizens of Macedonia, not through my fault, to my regret, I am no longer part of the security system, former minister Nake Culev informed.

The criminal regime that leads the government and unfortunately leads the country with all its might has attacked me and my professional integrity, the former minister said.

I am a person – a professional who built his career step by step, starting from the lowest rank in the service. All these years I was at the forefront of the defense of the constitutional order, territorial sovereignty and integrity, and the security and interests of Macedonia. I love the country and contributed to it. I have also participated in many operations to support international security, for which I have received awards and recognition from several former directors of the parent institution and the president of the state, as well as from international partners. What for all of us is patriotism and love for the homeland, this treacherous government now stigmatizes as Macedonian extremism and radicalism, and Macedonian patriots, through the creation of a perfidious system of fake and fabricated information, continuously eliminate them from the security system. In that way, they deliberately and with a plan weaken the capacities of the state and bring it to a subordinate position. I have sent a clear message on several occasions in the past and I am doing so again and unequivocally today. Political persecution, all pressures, threats and blackmail against me and other members of the security community will not bear fruit. We will continue to be at full capacity in defense of Macedonia and Macedonian interests, and all those who act illegally will be held accountable for it before the competent institutions. I will continue to be the same Nake Culev – the man who loves his country immensely and will professionally contribute to its progress and development, he said.