Minister of Information Society and Administration Damjan Mancevski has urged all stakeholders in or outside the public administration to join the upcoming EU negotiation process and says the government is worried whether the country has sufficient capacity for this venture, MIA correspondent reports from Brussels.

By mid-May, the government should have a new proposal, Mancevski told MIA, about the negotiating structure that envisions engagement of “highly qualified experts” from outside the institutions.

I am urging all citizens, experts, people working in the non-governmental sector, in private companies, to consider engaging in this process. We need all possible resources, we do not have much, the minister says, adding that although there are no problems with the preparatory screening, for the time being, the government is “seriously concerned” about the next larger stages of the negotiation process.

Asked why the government focuses on seeking experts from outside when, according to experts, they are in the administration, Manchevski says he does not know where this information comes from, but that the appeal is directed at all stakeholders, within and outside the state structures.