The Macedonian Information Agency leaked a portion of the EU draft negotiating framework, where the Macedonian language is named clearly and without any adjectives or explanations.

“North” Macedonia will need to produce translations of the acquis into Macedonian in good time before accession, and will need to train a sufficient number of translators and interpreters required for the proper functioning of the EU institutions upon its accession, the article declares.

The mundane, technical declaration was celebrated by SDSM party leader Zoran Zaev yesterday, who declared that with it the EU has recognized the Macedonian language. Greece and particularly Bulgaria are objecting to the further affirmation of the Macedonian language, especially in the EU. The draft text is now sent to EU member states and it remains to be seen whether the language will remain unchanged in the final version.

Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov was asked today whether he expects any pushback from Bulgaria on the draft framework.

The right to self-determination can’t be problematic in an European context. If we are talking about the EU accession talks, it is moving in the direction of respecting this right of ours, Dimitrov replied.