The Government will meet tomorrow to adopt the proposals from the coronavirus crisis team that call for an end to the open-air mask mandate. Citizens will still be required to wear masks when in a large group in the open, as well as in public transport and losed public spaces.

Open air sport venues will be allowed to admit the public, up to 30 percent of their capacity and keeping three seats distance. Weddings can be scheduled in open air venues for up to 100 guests – and no more than 50 percent of the venue capacity. Guests can sit six at a table and hold distance. Restaurants can now accommodate up to six people at a table – while maintaining distance. Employers will no longer be required to organize online working and to divide employees in shifts.

Macedonia is now out of the major Third Wave of the illness, which hit in March and April. Some vaccination took place as well, but far below the levels of most neighboring countries.