Representatives of the SDSM led Government and of the office of President Stevo Pendarovski were loudly booed at the grave of Goce Delcev today, when they came to pay respects on the anniversary of his birth.

The legendary VMRO leader and organizer of the Macedonian national movement is at the center of a dispute with Greece, which demands that Macedonian history books are rewritten so that Delcev is declared an ethnic Bulgarian.

Citizens assembled at the St. Spas church in Skopje booed the Government representatives for their role in the talks with Bulgaria. The imposed name “North Macedonia” was also loudly booed whenever it was mentioned by the announcers.

Исвиркани делегациите на Владата и претседателот на Македонија на гробот на Гоце Делчев

Gepostet von am Dienstag, 4. Februar 2020