The Government’s working group set to prepare amendments to the Constitution to reflect Bulgaria’s demands will intensify its work as Prime Minister Kovacevski wants the proposal sent to Parliament during the summer.

The group, led by SDSM party loyalist Margarita Caca Nikolovska, includes two dozen legal experts, which raised questions about the scope of the amendments. One option is that the Bulgarian nation and several other nations (Croats, Montenegrins..) are simply added to the list of other nations already mentioned in the Preamble and once in the body of the Constitution – but it is also possible that Bulgaria will want far more extensive changes.

Caca Nikolovska said that at the moment it is not clear how many amendments will be proposed, and how extensive will the changes be. Other options include that the Macedonian national identity is strengthened in some way, to respond to the Bulgarian pressure, and also that the Albanian parties will require that the country is made fully bilingual.