Fourteen days is the deadline given to the institutions to present a list of objects, as well as a public space where the symbols related to ancient Hellen history, which include the Kutlesh star, are featured. The General Secretariat of the Government told Telma that a request has been sent to the institutions within 14 days to make an inventory of such objects, following the decision of the Government for that adopted at the beginning of the month, Telma reported.

According to the Prespa Agreement, by August 12 the Government should remove the Vergina sun from monuments, public buildings, infrastructure.

Within six months of the entry into force of the Agreement, the Second Party will reconsider the status of the monuments, public buildings and infrastructure on its territory, and if in any way refer to ancient Hellenic history and civilization, it will take appropriate corrective actions with the aim to effectively address the issue and to ensure respect for such inheritance, reads Article 8 of the Agreement on the overcoming the name dispute.