The Macedonian Government used its emergency power to distribute 500.000 EUR to NGO organizations, many of whom have long politically supported the ruling SDSM party.
The SDSM led Government significantly hiked the NGO budget, that goes mainly to left wing groups, quadrupling it to 12 million EUR a year for 2020. The dramatic economic downturn caused by the coronavirus forced the Government to cut 525.000 EUR from this enhanced budget, which prompted an angry response from the NGO groups.

With its latest order the Government practically caved to pressure and overturned the budget cut. The decision is justified stating that the NGO groups will help endangered groups who are hit by the coronavirus crisis. Given how close we are to elections and the open political bias of many of the implementing groups, it’s likely that the funds will be used for vote buying. A recent audio leak showed SDSM leader Zoran Zaev boasting how he runs the NGO sector, especially the groups set up by US leftist billionaire George Soros.