The Group of States Against Corruption of the Council of Europe (GRECO) published the second report on the evaluations of the measures taken by the Macedonian authorities in English, in French and in MK with an asterisk. In the explanation of the star, it is written that it is an unofficial translation, provided by the authorities of North Macedonia.

However, it is a post on the official website of the Council of Europe. And even if the translation is unofficial, why is it not stated that the translation is in Macedonian language, with an explanation that the translation is unofficial and provided by the Macedonian authorities.

It is obvious that this is some kind of new form to avoid all possible inconveniences in Strasbourg, related to the use of the word “Macedonian language”, comments

Inconveniences are also present in Brussels. Just 10 days ago, a translator from Macedonia received an offer from the EU for a translation from “North Macedonian” language.