The informal working breakfast of EU and Macedonian and Albanian foreign ministers, held in Brussels on Monday, at the initiative of Greece, according to Greek diplomatic sources, took place in a much better climate than previous informal meetings with European ministers in the framework of Greek efforts to helping both countries get a date, and point out the participation of 20 ministers as particularly important fact, MIA correspondent in Athens said.

Greece’s initiative is within the framework of Greek policy based on the Thessaloniki agenda, under which Athens firmly supports the European perspective of the countries in the region.

Greek diplomatic sources brief that Athens will do everything it can to help the two countries, commenting that Greece wants to have stable neighbors with a European future in the north, and when Macedonia and Albania mature, they may be Greece’s best allies.

The same sources, according to MIA correspondent in Athens, explain in parallel that Greece is against decoupling the bids, ie that Macedonia and Albania should together get a date for start of accession negotiations with the Union and point out that the EU accession process, is also a process of internal reform for the countries themselves.